Available for customers within Metro Manila

Pufft Doughnuts

a fresh and grown-up take on a classic - was created by Chef Meg, a food-lover and entrepreneur with 16 years of culinary experience across London and Manila.

About Us

Pufft is “adulting” doughnuts that you can take a knife and fork to and be totally valid for it. Each Pufft doughnut is soft, fluffy, and filled to capacity (when we say “filling”, we mean it). Did we mention it’s adorably squishy too? Check out our product photos and know that - when you finally hold one in your hand - the images don’t lie.

Each doughnut is proudly and lovingly made from scratch, and every filling and frosting on the menu is homemade. Our dough boasts only farm-fresh eggs and no preservatives whatsoever. A unique testament to the quality of Pufft is that whether left at room temperature or refrigerated, each doughnut tastes as if freshly-made.

Every classic flavor has been elevated to cater to both the tastes of old-fashioned doughnut lovers and those with perhaps a more discerning palate. And whether you prefer to eat them the fun way - by hand - or in a more sophisticated manner, Pufft doughnuts fit the bill.

Rest assured that each box of Pufft holds a fresh batch from which you’ll get a sumptuous whiff the moment you flip the lid open. And if its your first time trying Pufft doughnuts, feel free to give them a poke or squish and let us know how well-deserved the name is.